Top Search Media was founded by top performing Digital Marketers with the objective of helping businesses get only the best quality search traffic. Jacqueline Torres, the company’s President, is an internationally certified Google Ads expert. A Pay Per Click Specialist with years of experience in Digital Marketing and Digital Platform Strategy, she also has consulted and built out accounts for multi-million-dollar businesses as well as local businesses.


Top Search Media is a crucial advisor to businesses and individuals on how to use Google and other digital platforms to achieve their marketing and business goals.

Allow us to help you dramatically increase your organic ranking on Google and get noticed by ideal clients right away with an efficient paid CPC marketing strategy.


Regardless of your field or industry, having a presence on Google and other search engines is always a vital asset for your business.

Because we believe marketing strategy should always be personalized, call us at Top Search Media to get a Free Digital Marketing Strategy Consultation today.

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